Unusual creature found in the ocean

Creation is beautiful, God has created many things. Many things not as am saying it, extremely many things. There are some creatures you would never believe exist unless you see them with your naked eyes.
Some are very weird to the extent that you will even be scared seeing them and the pictures might disturb you.
Let’s get started with the main reason why we came here. An unusual creature was found in the ocean and captured. I don’t think you’ve ever come into contact with such creature.
See its picture below:

The creature has a head like that of a fish and a body like that of a human. It gas arms, fingers, thighs but tail at the foot. It was captured alive but because of how it looks somehow fearsome, it was captured by using a fishing technique called longlining.
This works by putting bait on a hook and lowered gently deep into the ocean, the hook will pierce the neck of the fish and it might eventually die.
But this creature managed to remove the hook from it’s throat so sea divers went under the sea and saw it. It wasn’t running from them but was rather staring at them.
They managed to use a net to capture it but it was too strong to remove it so they pierced it with a spier and after it got unconscious, they took it away.

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