The shield of a man

the mighty warrior
shielding you from the pains of the world
wrapping you with the wings of love
guiding you and your path when no body will
giving you a strength so mighty to prevail
ensuring you do exceedingly abundantly above explanation

the gifts
though shielding you, he’s preparing you
for a great victory and glory
he makes you strongly equipped, just so he can watch you soar high above and into the skies
he is love therefore we are loved
he is merciful therefore we found favour
he is a victor therefore we are victorious
as he makes us more than conquerors

the overcome
ye though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we fear no evil
for he has given us the strength to trample and over come because we are his and he is ours
we were victors before the beginning of time and we will continuously be victorious

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