Chicken vs Serpent: A Brave Chicken managed to Dominate a black racer Serpent(Viral Video)

Snakes regularly kill chicks and eat chicken eggs likewise, yet they can likewise kill grown-up chickens. Snakes are not able to digest an adult chicken but will kill it in an attempt to eat it or as a means to access the chickens.

However, there is a viral video circulating online showing a black snake that was attempting to take the eggs or little chicks in a chicken coop yet was assaulted by a Mother Chicken who after the incident was called named a “Brave chicken”.

I was even frightened when I saw the hen poking the snake in the video. The chicken is brave indeed!. The video of the whole scene which was shared via online media with the caption “This brave chicken managed to successfully chase off a black racer snake!” has gotten more than 27.4k views on Twitter.

In the video, a lady can be seen moving toward a snake that is sitting toward the edge of an open chicken coop. The lady then tries to get the snake down with a stick but suddenly, a hen emerges from the coop and assaults the snake till it fell on the ground. The hen continued attacking the snake until it at last figured out how to pursue it off the farm.

In the interim, the lady can be heard advising the chicken to avoid the snake by saying “Chicken, chicken, stop!” yet the hen fearlessly remained on its feet and warded off the snake. 

Eventually, as the snake was disappearing from the farm, a little white pet dog attempted to follow it nonetheless,  the lady can be heard requesting that the pet avoid the snake as she says, ‘Gus, back up.’ I think she did that because she was apprehensive the pet might be killed by the snake. 

Watch the full video here:

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