The most effective way of using Neem tree to cure cold.

Neem tree is primitively used in our indigenous Ghanaian communities for the purpose of medical

sustainance and cure.

Below are the effective steps for treatment of cold;

It i s very advisable to boil the plucked neem tree leaves in a clay pot instead of a silver pan. This is so because the

aluminium silver pan contains some harmful chemicals which gets activated during the boiling process and eventually has some percentage of adverse effect on the leaves. On the other hand, boiling the leaves in a clay pot gives the leaves a mutual and natural activation of it’s healing properties for effective cure.

After boiling the elements for about an hour or so, take the pot off the fire.

Try and drink at least a little of the neem tree liquid.

Get a thick blanket or cloth and draw your face closer to the pot whiles the hot neem tree water vapour is being emanated.

Cover yourself entirely with the thick cloth whiles the pot is situated in between your legs.

Breath in all the vapour relentlessly for about an hour before taking a break.

Next step is to go the shower and wash yourself with the neem tree liquid from the pot.

When done try to catch a purposeful sleep waking up as a free and strong homo sapien.

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