OnlyFans to start banning sexually explicit content.

It has been reported that OnlyFans will begin banning sexually explicit content come October 2021. The company said on Thursday, 19th June 2021. User will be however able to post nude pictures and videos provided if they if they are consistent with OnlyFans policy.

OnlyFans in the news again. 😒

The news was greeted with surprise on most social media platforms. OnlyFans over the years has evolved into a plattfrim where sex workers tend to make more revenue and build their fanbase too.

OyFans was laucned in 2016 in the United Kingdom, but it users began to multiply in number during the period of the COVID – 19 pandemic.

According to data obtained from Axios, OnlyFans was able to reach a revenue of $375 million in 2020 only and the set goal is to reach a 1.5 billion dollars in revenue for 2021.

However Axios pointed out that OnlyFans explicit content has made it hard for it gain investors and even banking partners, most of them do not want to look like they are investing in Adult content.

OnlyFans stated that this decision was made to ensure the long term sustainability of the OnlyFans platform and will be a platform for creators and fans.

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