Ghana scholarship Secretariat Interview Questions And Answers

Be proud of yourself if you make it to the interview stage of the application process — this is a huge accomplishment! This places you among the top candidates for the scholarship, indicating that the funding organization is interested in learning more about your intentions for using the scholarship to further your academic and career ambitions.

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: Candidates are frequently asked this question as a warm-up. The interviewer is inviting you to begin talking about yourself by asking such an open-ended question. You must, however, consider the interviewer’s expectations in this response.

They don’t want to hear about every significant event in your life in great detail. They also don’t want you to go over every detail of your CV with them. Try to focus on something that sets you apart from the other candidates while responding to this question.

Q2: Why do you deserve this application?

A: Do not respond to this question by discussing your academic abilities. Most kids who have progressed to this point are likely to have similar academic abilities. As a result, come up with something unique that will set you apart from the throng and make you more deserving of this money. Connect your response to your passion, excitement, and dedication, or to something you’ve done so far that distinguishes you. Avoid tugging on the interviewer’s heartstrings by stating that this is your last chance to attend university – while this may be true, it is likely to be the situation for many candidates to the fund.

Q3: The reason for the Program

Q4: They usually ask some of the Ministers names

Q5: Where Do you See yourself in the next five years

With this one, talk about how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals in life.

And one last tip – although I have referred to the interviewer (singular) throughout this article, don’t be surprised to walk in and be faced with a panel of interviewers! Don’t let this throw you. Remain calm and confident. You only need to make eye contact with the person who has asked you the question when you are responding.

These are some of the questions you expect during the interview

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