Check Out The Recipe For This Mango Smoothie

Make this delicious mango smoothie for a quick energy boost! Fruits, fiber, protein, and probiotics are all included in each serving. This cold and creamy tropical-inspired cocktail may be made in just a few minutes.

1 cup ice cubes
2 cups frozen mango chunks
½ cup banana slices, about 1 medium banana
½ cup plain Greek yogurt
¾ cup orange juice
1 teaspoon honey, optional, plus more as desired
1. In a blender, combine ice cubes, frozen mango, banana slices, yogurt, orange juice, and honey (if using).

2. Cover and process for about 30 seconds on medium speed, using the tamper as needed. Increase the speed to high for 15 to 30 seconds, or until the mixture is thick and smooth.

3. If necessary, add extra orange juice to the smoothie to achieve the desired consistency.

4. To offset the tart flavour, taste it and add additional honey if necessary.

5. Enjoy!

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