Making Money Through Twitter in an Unconventional Way

In the marketing world, affiliate marketing is often viewed as a dark underworld.

This unusual form of marketing involves selling products or services you don’t fulfill in return for a commission ranging between 20%–50% of the sale price. I was a non-believer of affiliate marketing for a long time. Why?

  • Affiliate marketing feels dirty.
  • Instagramers use affiliate links and so all their photos become silent ads.
  • Affiliate links are often not disclosed. Dishonest.
  • Websites that show up high in google are often good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and pretend to be the provider of the goods/service. Many of these sites are simply built to sell affiliate products. The lack of transparency cuts deep.

It’s great to be open-minded and challenge your dislikes. Recently, affiliate marketing and I have come back from a prolonged divorce and fallen in love again. The unconventional approach I’m about to share is the reason why.

The Badass Guide to Honest Affiliate Marketing

1. Take a course or read a book .

Selling other people’s products that you’ve actually used reinvents the old broken affiliate marketing model. Educational products, such as books or courses, are the easiest to sell. Before deciding to become an associate seller, read the publication or take the course.

2. If the product is good then affiliate it

The biggest mistake people make is they sell stuff they’ve never used. The second biggest mistake is they sell products that gave them mediocre results. If you buy a product and it sucks, then don’t become an affiliate for it. Nope.

Find another product that is amazing and affiliate that instead. Approach the owner of the product via email and ask if you can be an affiliate.

3. The bizarre strategy most people have no idea about

Twitter is where I found a new approach to affiliate marketing.

Most people who experiment with affiliate marketing simply scatter links across the internet and hope for the best. Social media platforms do not compensate you for directing their users to your enticingly lucrative affiliate links. You must be more astute than that.

Here’s how it works:

  • Write down the lessons from the book or online course you purchased.
  • Turn the lessons into a Twitter Thread. Each tweet is a succinct lesson from the product that sounds like a blog post, not a sales cringefest.
  • Make the last tweet an affiliate link to the product and explain that’s where you learned all these insights from.

4. Honest affiliate products to sell are found here

Nearly all affiliate products sold on Twitter are found on Gumroad.

Gumroad is a simple platform that allows creators to sell digital products without the need for a website or payment system. Gumroad pioneered this new affiliate marketing trend. They created an entirely new category by focusing on products that Twitter users could sell via tweets.

Why This Works

Old forms of affiliate marketing relied solely on testimonials. Dishonest schmucks would email their friends and get them to write fake testimonials. Or they’d pay money to well-known people in return for a fake testimonial.

This approach is different. Using Twitter Threads to explain lessons and teach people what you learned from an educational product demonstrates real learning and live social proof. You can’t fake a good Twitter Thread with hundreds of likes and retweets.

Sell your own products using this technique

Every now and then I publish a tweet thread about writing. Instead of using an affiliate link, I simply place a link in the last tweet to my website where my eBook can be purchased for $20.

There’s zero set up required if you sell products already. The trick is to do it sparingly and only on your tweets that perform better than the average one you publish.

Many writers’ dreams are shattered when they overuse links in tweets, irritating their audience, who then unfollow.

Twitter Threads and Gumroad have transformed the seedy underworld of affiliate marketing into something beautiful.

Buy a book/course. Choose one you loved. Contact the owner. Become an affiliate. Post what you learned as a Twitter Thread. Make the last tweet an affiliate link to the product. Then make another income stream that helps you earn money, so you can live with less stress and buy back your time.

Purchase a book or a course. Choose one that you enjoyed. Make contact with the owner. Become a partner. Create a Twitter thread to share what you’ve learned. Make the final tweet a product affiliate link. Then create another source of income to help you earn money so you can live with less stress and reclaim your time.

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