The Message

The Music of the Heart, is the Food for Poetry, a message to my love. “You are bright like that of the morning star, fresh like a flower, sweet like a honey, my love for you is more beautiful. So bright as the sun shines, my love for you took a deeper turn, and a bold step, a brighter fragrant. My love for you is the sweetest.

I am here thinking about our love, it is like a dream that can not be achieved. You came into my world, and you changed my idea of love and now I can feel that, love is sweet, pure, true, holy, love is selfless and I cannot deny that I love you, My Queen.

The smile in your face are the brightest, your voice is like a melody, your lips are my dream come true, your heart is the greatest gift I have had, I promise I will love you forever.

I cannot imagine a heart without a beat, a star without the night, a sun without a day, a king without a crown, the world without human, and me without you. I am deeply engrossed with your love, I love you.

I am the happiest man ever lived to be love, how I want to scream from my lungs until I can no more breath. I want to preach to the world how happy I am to be in love with a gorgeous, perfect woman. How creative I would be when it comes to romance, but you are the music of my heart and I want to dance.

You have your own special way, of turning around my terrible day. You make all my bad thought and bad things go away, every time I see you without a say. When I look into your eyes, what I see is pure beauty without disguise. A glance at you make makes my heartbeat rise, this is a true known for the fact that my feelings are not lies.

If only I know how much my love for you have grow, we could start something new and then I will never feel blue. I know feelings tell the truth and they never lie, they tell the truth between you and I. Through art, even though picture would be great but it does not paint a full picture to understand.

I have never been one of them to say what I feel, so I keep everything inside. But with you it is no different to tell you, and you must believe that I have tried. But there is a part of me that can not take that chance, and I doubt that you may never know. Which maybe okay with you, but it is hurting me and I choose not to show it though.

It can be the way you look, how sexy you are and I can not get enough, or it can be how I feel when you come around and I forget every other stuff. It may be how to pronounce my name, or how you smile or it could be everything. Getting to know you is worthy to my while. I love you been with me, My Queen” A Message to my love.

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