Financial Clearance Secured for monthly Payment of Teachers Professional Development Allowance

Financial Clearance Secured for monthly Payment of Teachers Professional Development Allowance

Ghana Education Service has been granted financial clearance to pay the 2021 Teacher Continuous Professional Development allowance, the professional development allowance was introduced in 2020 and the first payment was made in November 2020, the professional allowance is the only form of allowance on teachers payslip, responsibility allowance in Ghana Education Service is paid to a certain category of teachers who take up additional responsibilities in the school set up as Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, Senior Housemaster or mistress, Housemaster/mistress, Form Master/Mistress, Heads of Department, Chaplain/Imam and a Counsellor. These teachers perform additional roles in the school after their classroom activities. 

Continuous Professional Development allowance is the only form of allowance that is payable to all teachers in the Ghana Education Service. The allowance is thousand two hundred Ghana cedis per anum, which is one hundred Ghana cedis a month for professional teachers and eighty Ghana cedis a month for unprofessional teachers.

There is a plan for the allowance to be paid to teachers monthly to cushion their salaries since the 4% salary increment is nothing on teacher’s salary, the 4% salary increment on average teacher’s salary is forty Ghana cedis, this amount cannot pay for the differences in the cost of transportation, certain factors are considered in determining the percentage of salary increment, that is the cost of living in the current year and the estimated inflation in the following year, paying workers 4% rise in salary without any formula is an insult to teachers and public sector workers in general.

Ghana Education Service has a plan to pay teachers professional development allowance monthly to cushion the teacher salary to survive the current cost of living in the country. 

The professional development allowance is to support teachers capacity building, the allowance is meant for upgrading themselves professionally. There are professional courses to be undertaken by teachers to upgrade themselves professionally and academically, Generally, teacher professional development refers to ongoing learning opportunities available to teachers and other education personnel to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge, expertise and other characteristics as a teacher.

The amount paid for teachers to upgrade themselves professionally and academically cannot even pay for one professional course for a teacher.

GES is Making a U-turn to pay professional allowance to cushion teachers salaries to silence them on the 4% salary increment. The professional allowance will be paid to teachers on August salary with arrears from January 2021.

Teachers have joined the fix the country demonstration and prepared to join public sector workers to hit the street for demonstration which will be followed by sit down strikes until a fair deal is reached by the government on salary increment.

2 thoughts on “Financial Clearance Secured for monthly Payment of Teachers Professional Development Allowance

  1. When it come to teacher livelihood, there is a need to put proper measures in place to cushion us. But we were swallowing until the President I contributed more than 5,000.00 to his campaigncame to made that ugly statements.
    Aside that CAGD gives room for unfaithful deductions without our knowledge.
    I have two daughters, wife and I. Non of my parents and any family member benefits from me. Am 100% unable to take care of my parents. Yet am working. They sees me as wicked. Other relatives hmmmm.
    The salary cannot feed my nuclear family. What hurt is the president is aware that thousands of people are unemployed but he is asking us to pursue additional JOB. We are coming out to join the next #fixthecoutry DEMO.
    Watch out for rampant mayhem on streets.

    Why are we suffering on our own motherland.

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