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Since the unexpected imergence of the covid-19 diseases,most countries have implemented lock down on its members to better help manage this disease.This has caused a very great reduction in the market share of many businesses and has rendered some people jobless.

This brings us to the question,how can I make money online from the comfort of my home?

How To Make Money Online

So far,the most proven way to make money online is to get a company like Google to pay you.Seems impossible right?Well,it is very easy to get Google to pay you huge sums of money at the end of every month.Here is the most secured and proven way of getting Google to pay you while you stay at home.

1)Create a youtube account

Over the years,YouTube has grown to be one of the world’s most powerful site for watching videos for free.YouTube is also the most used Search Engine in the world.This means,over billions of people search for videos to watch on YouTube everyday.

Basically,YouTube will pay all of the video publishers on its platform a considerable amount of money after they have their account verified.

How To Verify Your YouTube Account 

YouTube will verify your account only if your account satisfy the following conditions.

First of all,you must have 1000 subscribers within your first year of creating an account.This means,to get your account verified,you must have over 1000 verified organic subscribers within 1 year.

Secondly,you must have over 40000 views by the end of the year.YouTube qill only pay you if it’s users are interested in your channel and the only way to know this is to check the number of views you gained from your videos at the end of the year.

How To Get YouTube To pay You.

For YouTube to pay you,you must satisfy the above conditions.After getting your account verified,move on to YouTube monitization manager to start placing ads on your videos.At the end of every month,Google will pay you the amount of your videos were able to make.

2)Start Blogging 

Everyday,over billions of people search Google for different sorts of information and the exciting news about this is that,you can make money from this too.All you have to do is simple and that is listed below.

Start building your own static or dynamic website.There are a whole lot of free website builders that will also provide you with a free domain and a free hosting service.The end to all these is,get website running such that it will appear on the Web when users search for it.

Google also provide a free website builder with a free domain and hosting service.

After you get your website running,you can start showing ads on your website by using adsense from Google who will pay you every month if you earned an amount not less than $100.00.

Don’t waste your time only sleeping and eating during this covid-19 era.Start making some cool cash  by following the tutorial above.

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