NDC Will Loose Election 2024 If……. – Kevin Taylor

United States of America based Ghanaian Journalist and host of With All Due Respect show on Loudsilence Media Network, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has taken a swipe at certain leaders of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

Mr. Kevin Taylor accused the current National Youth Organizer of the NDC of causing their defeat in the last elections and his re-election back into that office will result in another heavy defeat of the party in 2024.

According to the loudmouth Journalist, the inability of the NDC to appeal to the youth is as a result of the inefficiencies and incompetence of George Opare Addo and it will be a disaster for the party going into the next election.

“George is not willing to submit to authorities and listen to the people. He feels he is the only one who is knowledgeable in the NDC. Majority of the executives in the NDC has not come out to support him because they know he is not a team player.

Today, I am coming to show you why he is the worse NDC youth organizer. He is part of the reason why the youth are no longer interested in the party. He does not know his job. NDC will loose in advance if they choose him again.”, Kelvin Taylor.

He further cautioned the youth group and decision makers to rethink the decision of voting for the current NYO if he decides to contest in the next internal primaries.

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