Take a look At More Pics Of The Curvy Model Who Asked People To Vote Her As The Next President Of Nigeria

One of the famous Nigerian actress, powerhouse and person of note, Okoye Uche as of late took to her social media page to plead for help from Nigerians to decide in favor of her after she revealed her goal to become the main female Nigerian president.

According to the video she posted on the Instagram page, she made it realized that she was reading a comment and someone said that they should attempt to make a woman the leader of Nigeria to check whether the nation will be a superior place. And according to Okoye Uche, she said that it is okay for a woman to become a president because women are smart, they realize how to manage the economy.

She went on to say that, men have been administering over the course of the decade and that they have failed in some aspect, and it was time for a change.

After she says these things, Okoye Uche them asked from her fans in case they will decide in favor of her. She made this known from the series of recordings she posted on her Instagram story that in the event that she becomes the president, she has a ton of things to offer Nigerians like every minute of every day power supply, open positions, better roads, refine our oil here in Nigeria, and enable women. And she made it realized that Nigeria will go to Dubai and import invested girls from South Africa to entertain us.

See her pictures:

Okoye Uche has more than 70 thousand devotees on Instagram, see the answer some of them gave her after the video turned into a web sensation.

Do you think allowing a woman an opportunity to administer Nigeria will work on the economy, give a superior work, great power, better roads?

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