Curvy Ivorian Model, Eudoxie Yao Breaks Up With Fiance Grand P, Calls Him A “Constant Cheat”

Eudoxie Yao, a stunning Ivorian model, and her small-sized partner, Grand P, a conspicuous Guinean vocalist, have apparently separated.

Yao announced the termination of her friendship with her fiancé, Grand P, on her official Facebook page, accusing him of being a serial cheater.

She claims to be over the relationship and ready to continue on. This comes just a brief time after the model accused Grand P of cheating on her on a regular basis.

Many of their admirers were taken aback by the information on their break, as they had recently marveled over the a few goals they had served on social media.

In a Facebook post written in French and translated to English, Yao announced the termination of their friendship, saying,

“Goodbye, my babies. I simply wanted to tell you that my relationship with Big P is finished. Thank you, I’m continuing on.”

Meanwhile, Yao recently stated that she doesn’t care what web savages say about her because she is profoundly infatuated with the popular small-statured Guinean musician.

Grand P was brought into the world with progeria, an extremely rare hereditary disorder that has affected his physical stature. His real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba.

Since Yao and Grand P made their relationship public, netizens have derided them, claiming that they are merely all together contrivance for the vocalist, while some think she is with him for cash.

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