Ghana’s Most Beautiful: Setor, The Star Performer

Setor on stage

The search for Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen has officially begun.This year’s competition had 16 candidates from throughout the country.

Every region’s victory in the tournament is a dream come true for everyone.

The ladies have been exceedingly enthusiastic and hardworking, but only one person will be crowned.

Last night, the Volta Region candidate setor impressed the judges and audience with her presentation on beliefs around mental illness and traditional medicine in her region, which was the second night of performances.

This earned her the night’s best performance award; other honors were most eloquent mfodwo and best dressed Teroo.Does this imply that Setor has a good chance of winning the crown?

Let’s see how the next few weeks of performances go. “

Rediscovering true beauty” is the theme for this year’s edition.

What did you think of the performances last night, and who did you think was the best?

Do you agree with their judgement?

Thanks for reading.

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