Check These African Proverbs And Their Meaning

Some interesting but wise African proverbs and their meaning;

1.There is no smoke while God cooks.

Meaning: God is capable of doing the seemingly impossible in our lives.

2.When you need a woman, the market is flooded with lunatics.

Meaning: when you need something, it becomes scarce.

3.Even if you treat a goat well, it will still eat your yam.

Meaning: no matter how helpful you are to them, some people will always be ungrateful.

4.The last drop of urine always falls at your feet, no matter how far you urinate.

That is to say, there will always be repercussions for your actions.

5.No game is killed by a roaring lion.

Meaning: boasting or talking about your dreams won’t get you where you want to go.

6.Only a fool tests a river’s depth with both feet.

To put it another way, don’t jump into a situation without first considering it.

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