Stop Eating “Gari Soakings”- Medical Expert: Boniface Okolo

According to a report by genuine Naija, a medical specialist has advised the general population to avoid eating gari soakings.

Gari soakings are a Ghanaian/ Nigerian delicacy that is typically inexpensive. Gari soakings are commonly referred to as the savior because they are frequently relied upon during difficult circumstances.

It’s a concoction of Gari, water, sugar, and, on occasion, milk. If one had the ability to add milk to it, that is.

Gari consumption, according to Doctor Boniface Okolo, Director of Public Health in Enugu State, might cause harm to the health.

He stated that eating gari might quickly lead to a sickness known as Lassa fever. This is because rodents such as mice and rats come into contact with gari and contaminate it.

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As a result, Doctor Boniface Okolo is advising everyone to avoid gari since the bacteria generated by these rodents cannot be readily removed or eradicated by simply pouring hot water on it.

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