Here’s How To Know If You Are Ready To Say, ” I Love You”

The prospect of hearing your loving partner utter “I love you” for the first time may fill you with ecstasy.When you’re in love with someone, such words can feel like a rite of passage into deeper intimacy a high-water mark in a relationship.

And it may feel as if you’ve been snatched from the world of the casually linked and plunged into the arms of something official, lasting, and true once you’ve exchanged.

So, what do you do if feelings of love are fluttering about inside of you, begging to be spoken, but you’re stuck in the limbo of “should I say I love you or should I…not? ” And you’re afraid of reenacting the horrible scene from Sex and the City in which Carrie suddenly blurts out an embarrassing “I love you” after Big gives her a crystalline duck-shaped handbag, and he responds with a mumbled “you’re welcome” before exiting the scene.

While all great love stories are complicated and should be allowed to develop naturally, we sought advice from experts to help you figure out whether the best time to say “I love you” is now, later, or never.

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