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Well, just like they have always been doing, one busy day after attending almost 13 credit hours including laboratory practical sessions, stress got them. These guys started discussing what they could do to release stress during the weekend aside going to Da Breeze, Summrit, jogging, tennis, pool parties etc and they came across some uncommon activities; these are thinkers we have here.

These undergraduate students of University of Cape Coast ( Mensah Ababio Bright, Johnson Kwame Sefa) and some other friends took this topic at heart to discussed these activities and how possible they would get the necessary equipment to start something of a recreational centre of a sort. After further discussion, they concluded on establishing BLADER SKATES GHANA and BLADER SURF GHANA.

BLADER SKATES PROFESSIONALS, UCC GHANA was established in 2019 and started training persons who are new to roller sports skateboarding, inline skates and quad roller skates boots. You might be wondering where BLADER SURF GHANA is, did it work, where they are located, how many people were able to join? Now, it is located in their minds because they could get the equipment and the expertise to start the surfing club.

With Blader Skates, Even infants can learn how to Skate😊⛸

These clubs were purposely going to be introduced to the university community, cape coast and later to everyone in  Ghana and now they have close to 100 people showing interest, about 70 people ready to buy skate boots and skateboard and over 20 regular members of the dear club.

The aim is to develop the skating community in Ghana to be much more interesting to people of Ghana and use this opportunity to decrease the level of depression, maintain the good health of the people, socialization and also create a new avenue in sports and recreation. The club look forward to organizing competition from the club level to international level in it sporting activities annual or three times each year. This will include inline hockey, roll ball, speed skating, slalom and freestyle skating.

Tourism is one sector BLADER SKATES GHANA will also be developing alongside sports, fun, and recreation. Their annual skate trips in Ghana and around the world is one thing that will also help develop the tourism in Ghana because they see skate as a culture, and each country and states has it skate culture and it way of doing things. Therefore the idea of skate trips is to create a cultural harmony and cultural exchange.

When all of these things are achieved then they start including these recreational centers in the planning of communities and real estates.

Fun times after Skating😊😍👌


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