Meet The Student With The “biggest lips on the planet”

A student, who professes to have the “biggest lips on the planet” in the wake of having lip fillers, has uncovered that she anticipates having more a medical procedure.

23-year-old Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria, first had hyaluronic corrosive fillers in 2018 and presently gets a top up each and every month.

She told the Daily Star: “I truly like more voluminous and huge lips and I truly needed to perceive how they will look all over, and get I like it significantly more with a lot greater lips.

“I have 25 infusions of hyaluronic corrosive in my lips right now, I have not determined how much cash I have spent altogether, an infusion of hyaluronic corrosive here in Bulgaria costs 400 leva (around 200 pounds for each 1 infusion).”

To get 25 infusions, the lip filler fiend spends around £5,000.

Notwithstanding enormous lips, Andrea likewise got a silicone bust, that is 600 cubic meters of silicone on the bosom, a sum of 1200 cubic meters.

She clarified that she “generally needed to appear as something else, stand apart from the group and be more unconventional.”

She added: “I like the unconventional and lavish look.”

Andrea, who is contemplating German way of thinking at Sofia University, says her loved ones don’t uphold her appearance and she likewise gets disdain remarks from outsiders.

Nonetheless, she isn’t dissuaded and even has plans to get more a medical procedure.

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