Meet The Ghanaian Celebrities Who Made Short Hair looked Beautiful

Remaining normal notwithstanding the deluge of different hairpieces is by all accounts perhaps the most difficult things for the 21st century woman. It is a generally held conviction that the pride of a lady is in her hair thus with that as a reason; a ton of ladies spend impressive amounts of cash on buying hairpieces to keep their ‘pride’ flawless.

Surely, the facts really confirm that the sort of haircut a woman puts on considerably affects her outward presentation, and in this period of killing, most women will not manage their hairs as a style. These women need to look great, thus they should spend a ton on super current hairpieces. In any case, there are other people who don’t appear to be disturbed or moved by the hairpiece popular and make female hair styles look so charming.

Presumably, they have excessively gone gaga for MzVee’s “Regular Girl’ and frequently, are seen in a clean-cut hair style. Thus in case you’re searching for motivation to change from wearing hairpieces to spotting hair styles, the accompanying female famous people can be gazed upward to.

Emelia Brobbey

However her change to music from acting hasn’t gone especially well, her change from hairpieces to clean-cut hair styles have been an incredible inverse! The entertainer turned artist is a remarkable VIP who has lately, acquired consideration for keeping her hair basic with a clean cut.

She has dazed a great deal of fans with a few looks where she’s seen in a very much shaved hair… .and I should say; it’s a sight of excellence. She gives the cut some essence of ‘disagreeableness’ with the expansion of an ‘aboi’.

Ahuofe Patri

Her genuine name is Priscilla Opoku Agyemang. She has as of late been at the focal point of supposed illicit drug use radiating from the impact of Kwabena. In any case, the excellent Patri who won our love during her dramas with Kalybos which was named ‘Young men Kasa’ hasn’t dumped her clean-cut trims… .errm she made an endeavor to discard trimming her hair however after a few endeavors, “it tear her eye top” and she has now gotten back to her first love; clean-cut hair styles.


She’s presently the moving point in Ghana as she released some toxin on Ghanaian bloggers, beseeching them not to talk about her on their shows. In any case, that is only some ‘kokonsa’. Wiyaala is a Pan-African who has made it a highlight stay consistent with her African character and subsequently, keeps a clean cut.

Pamela Odame Watara

A video lady and intensely chested, Pamela Odame is likewise one who consistently guarantees that she gets a hair style. She additionally regularly posts recordings/photographs of herself when she’s getting a hair style. She has visited well known barbering cantinas like Men’s Saloon and Scientifik Debarber. She likewise adds that indisputable ‘aboi’ to give her the terrible gurl looks!


Her genuine name is Gloria Akpene Nyarku. She was forced to bear Wendy Shay’s anger when the last because of a ‘Who is Wendy Shay’ got irritated and aggressor her for posing a ‘imbecilic inquiry’. She is likewise a defender of having short hair styles and has frequently overflowed her online media accounts with such photographs.

Juliet Ibrahim

The gifted entertainer is now and again, removes an outing from the hairpieces and goes all-normal with short hair styles which make her amazingly ravishing. In 2017, fans went crazy when she offered them some noteworthy hairdo objectives. It was a basic hair style yet with the expansion of colored turns. She wore that hairdo whiles at the GloMega Music Tour at Ibadan, Nigeria.


However she hasn’t had the option to discover real confidence following the result of her spilled sex tape, Tiffany can likewise be recalled in view of the haircut she selected to go with. Tiffany consistently guaranteed that she had a tightened sliced with a blur to the sides and a remarkable Mohawk! I realize you’re grinning. You miss her, correct?

Feli Nuna

Her genuine name is Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah. Different names are; Edzoleme, Queen Femcee and Daavi Diva… … Yeah, it’s been some time we heard from her, yet we accept that she’s getting ready to hit her fans with something enormous. She is an ‘diplomat’ for short hair styles and is regularly seen in a short bleach light hair.

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