Youth Clash At Ntonso

A public conflict between some Zongo youth and the young at Ntonso in the Kwabre East District in the Ashanti Region has left things annihilated.

It additionally left the windscreens of certain vehicles crushed, shops vandalized, merchants’ products annihilated and carts set on fire.

The conflict is said to have been started by some young from the Ahwiaa Zongo, a suburb of Kwabre, who annihilated things having a place with inhabitants of Ntonso following a night out at Ntonso.

Up until now, one individual has been captured, with the names of others suspected to have been engaged with the assault coming up.

It is hazy what truly started the conflict between the two gatherings, however data got by the Daily Graphic showed that some Zongo youth from Ahwiaa and Aboaso were at Ntonso last Sunday evening to have a great time at a famous bar there.

While getting back to Ahwiaa, and with no incitement, the Zongo youth went on frenzy and obliterated shops and surprisingly went into houses to annihilate things.

That data was substantiated by the Kwabre East District Chief Executive, Nana Osei Assibey Bonsu, who said promptly toward the beginning of the day, when the young people of Ntonso saw the harm caused the earlier day, they expected that it was finished by the Zongo youth from Ahwiaa and went on a response assault there.

He said the police needed to call for help from Ntonso, which thus called for support from the Mamponteng Police District and the Tafo Divisional workplaces to manage the circumstance.


He said the District Security Council had held a crisis meeting with every one of the partners and asked that all financial exercises stop by 8 p.m. recently.

Nana Bonsu said “this is only a careful step to guarantee that no one exploits the dull to do anything.”

As per him, “for the present there is relative quiet. The police will be watching the town and anybody found after 8 p.m. holding any hurtful weapon will be captured.”

He said drinking bars had additionally been approached to shut down until additional notification.

He said per the principles of the get together, the bar being referred to ought to have shut down at 10 p.m. be that as it may, it worked till 2 a.m. at the point when the main episode was said to have occurred.

Opponent conflicts

In 2018, there was a comparative conflict among Akan and Zongo youth at Ahwiaa, prompting the demise of one individual.

In the said conflict, properties worth great many Ghana cedis were additionally annihilated.

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