How Blogpay hub Has Changed My Life style

My first week at Blogpay was a very difficult moment for me since I used to get low clicks. I started with motivation articles on personal development but they never paid out. A friend of mine who had joined Blogpay like two months earlier than me, told me that sport articles have good clicks. At first I never believed that an article can reach more views and clicks in a single day. I was in my own world in this new venture as a creative content writer as I was almost quitting.

Being a popular gambler and having won many multibets I have knowledge in approximately 90% percent of all the teams across the world. From the 6th day of February 2021, I decided to try out writing football predictions and from that point I saw the first turning point at Blogpay . All my articles for the month were about Football Predictions as I adviced my readers with the key stats for the matches for the day with details of highlights of past matches and the reasons why my prediction will win. 

To my surprise some selections won and I attracted good comments as readers who are also punters earned something from my football picks. The first month I earned more views at Blogpay and it was my first payment via MTN Momo. The next month I ventured into a new category of entertainment news and here I saw some transformation in my creative content creation as a writer. This was my second turning point because I now started to see the possibility of getting more clicks and views  in one article in a single day. 

That is the month that I also got a lot views  in a single article within a day.

From now onwards I diverted my article writing to lifestyle and politics. These too is earning me a lot in my own way. That is the articles I write till now.

In Ghana here nowadays there is no job for the youth is better for you people to stop wasting your bundle on unnecessary things on the internet. The best way is to log into Blogpay system to register and start earning too. 

As for now I joined Blogpay I have earn more than thousand four hundred Cedis within three months. It has helped me with buying of somethings in my life. Blogpay is a life change hub. 

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