How “BLOGPAY” Has Helped Me Since I joined

If working hard pays, I would have stepped outside and tried something very challenging that requires a lot of energy. What matters is working smartly. Many will lie that they joined BLOGPAY just to write, but in reality, we joined to make money by feeding readers with useful content.

When I heard of people making money on BLOGPAY, I folded my sleeves, kept my head high and gave it a try.

They say you don’t have to see the entire staircase for you to take the first step. So the first step I did was to search ‘BLOGPAY sign up’ on Google as I had been directed by a friend.

I was fascinated to find the process easy and direct forward. In a few minutes, I signed up with my Google account and completed the registration process. Basically, the company will ask for your identity, your Mobile Money number and other credentials.

With an interest in Sports and trending stories, I began my writing journey. I can’t say it has been easy, because there is competition from thousands of writers, meaning one has to be fast and take a unique angle in order to generate massive traffic.

On the Blogpay’s platform, sometimes, you make good money while at other times you won’t. The company pays you when ever you reach your cashout. I have been able to cashout ¢2500 plus which has ended me at the top of their Hall Of Fame. This Money has At least help me buy the mobile phone am using. It has also helped me buy some Small things I need in life, so I highly recommend BLOGPAY to every blogger.

The following are secrets that have driven my writing career on this platform:

A).Timely reporting

This implies that at whatever point you are composing on moving information, you should refresh it on the center a few minutes. This will guarantee you’re among the primary journalists on announcing and you will be ensured of a higher traffic than individuals who report later.

B). Compose extraordinary stories

Unique articles are the ones that you are most likely the sole author in the stage. These remembers breaking news for your region or stunning occurrences that are posted on your Facebook pages. Such stories will unquestionably sell better.

C). Your story’s headline must be unique and interesting

Before the reader opens your story, he/she will initially read the headline. The headline is the gateway to your article and should be short, and fascinating. Another significant component is that the story’s title should leave the reader in suspense.

D) How to share Your Articles and where to share

As a BLOGPAY writer you need to share your articles to a large group for you to get good traffic. You can share them to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms which also have a large group.

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