Ejura Killings: There May Be Good Reason A Soldier Aimed Into The Crowd – Kan-Dapaah

The Minister for National Security Albert Kan-Dapaah has prompted against rushed finishes following the killing of two individuals in Ejura when a prepared military authority was seen pointing into a gathering that was contradicting and mentioning value for the killed neighborhood, Ibrahim Mohammed in any case called Macho Kaaka.

Chatting on Wednesday, June 30 2021, at the underlying help of a 3-day public accomplices’ trade regarding the matter, “Countering post-2020 political race fierceness and building understanding for more conspicuous political versatility”, Mr. Kan Dapaah said assessments concerning the event will give nuances on what truly happened on June 29, 2021.

“So what genuinely happened in Ejura? Reality with Ejura is that people are making conclusions when nobody acknowledges what accurately happened. As the highest point of the security gadget, I really don’t have even the remotest clue what happened however people are arriving at their own derivations and I accept that is the danger we have in this country”.

He continued “We are being educated that he was a recognizable individual from the fix the country improvement, is that substantial? We are being educated that he was individual from a particular philosophical gathering. Is that legitimate? As of late the story around was that he was a NDC individual. Regardless, truth be told he is a NPP individual. So we need to hold on to see exactly what has happened. Also, I am believing that in the accompanying multi week or something to that effect, we as a whole will acknowledge what ended up being terrible before we start putting shortcomings where they should be”. Mr. Kan Dapaah said.

The National Security Minister who was talking basically a day after the scene said it was endless for a pre-arranged military authority to stoop and point clearly into protestors, fighting that there may be a legitimate legitimization for the movement yet misguided.

“Somebody says that a whole military authority, an especially pre-arranged hero went there with the sole justification pointing his weapon at ordinary people and killing them. It doesn’t happen. Champions don’t behave that way. If that was what happened, there may be a wonderful clarification, whether or not it wrong for him to have done that, anyway to expect that troopers go there and start shooting, ask General Kotia, officials don’t behave that way. So we need to keep down to see accurately what happened”.

Mr. Kan Dapaah saw that that the substance of the assessments being finished by the Ministry of Interior and not the police was to ensure there were no distractions as he rehashed the calls for Ghanaians to hold on for the outcome preceding arriving at conclusions.

“At the start of today (June 30, 2021), the president has said the police should ignore their assessments that we should set up a public board, we need a public solicitation so the police don’t come and specify to us what we need to hear. We need people to come from outside to do self-ruling assessments and prompt us exactly what happened… … So what I need to say is that permitted us to keep down to have an unrivaled game plan and better data on correctly what happened preceding blaming… ..”

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