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Fitter Apprentice

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In this world, some things are happening that we sometimes dont understand it.

This is very serious and strange when a strange goat has been fighting with a Fitter Apprentice at his workshop. With one eye witness who narrated this, “the goat has been fighting with the Apprentice and it’s the second time the goat has been fighting with him, and when the goat comes to the workshop, the goat will not mind anyone there but only looking for that guy to fight with“, and his colleagues are not getting it why the animal is doing that.

Some of the questions his friends at the work place has been asking is “have you taken the goat’s girlfriend?”, and “have you done something to the goat”?. These are questions they were asking him, and the guy said he don’t even know where the goat is coming from. And again, when he run, the goat will also run after him and fight with him.

His friends also took a video of him fighting with the goat on Facebook. The name of the apprentice is Yaw. Yaw always get happy too when fighting with the goat.

People are asking if the goat is human being or spirit or still a goat as we see it.

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