I am a f**cking sex tool

😭Amma fucking sex tool😭

Chapter 3

Jessie pov😍


We were to be moved to a better room more convenient that the last two

Were paired into six and each taken to a particular room. luckily I and Steph were roomies

We opened the door and saw some girls in it.
Omg 😍 the room was amazing. The girls in the room stared at us like ghost each of them wearing bra and G-strip.

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“Welcome ladies” a girl said as she came towards us. She held a glass of wine in her hand as she walked majestically towards us

” get in ” she said

We moved into the room properly.

“Sit sit” that said as they looked at us.

Soon the door opened and some guys came in

” here master said you guys should make sure they wear it” he said dumping some bra and G-strip on the ground as the other guys kept the waist chains and anklets

“Get them dressed it will soon be time for their initiation” he said and left we the other guys


“You heard him girls, get up and get dressed you wouldn’t want master getting mad” a girl said

“Yh get your asses up and wear those” another said

We hesitated for some while

“If you girls know what you’re in you won’t waste even a single second” another said as she laid on the bed

I looked at Steph. We picked up the bra,thong, waist chains and anklet.

The other girls who came with us quickly took off their clothes and got everything on.

I took off my gown.
Unhooked my bra

I can’t believe am doing this

I quickly wore everything
I looked at my figure at the mirror.
Gosh…I looked just like a whore. I looked at Steph she had already worn hers. We both stared at each other.

“Let’s go babe” she said

We followed the guy who took us into a room. I saw a man who sat and puffed his cigarette. I was certain that he was the boss. We walked to where he sat.

He was actually an old man but am sure he is cruel.

“Ooh my goodness” he said as he stared at us.
“Look at all this elegant young ladies y’all gonna make me rich!” he said smirking

” here’s the thing we got rules here, if you want to survive you gotta follow each and everyone of them” he said as we all stood looking at him like dummies.

He soon dropped his cigarette and stood up. He was really a short man.

” firstly there is no escape, you are in my territory and you got no where to go….you can go ahead and try so many girls like you have and they all ended up dead💀” he said laughing evilly

The shivers that ran down my spine was unexplainable.

” secondly I want you all to get this straight am in charge here. This is my zone you been here is under my mercy. So many have lost their lives here you won’t be the first neither will you be the last all you gotta do Is obey my orders” he said sternly. I could see the wickedness in his eyes.

” Bruce…” He called out and a young elegant man came out. He looked kind of cute but I wasn’t interested in his looks.

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” my son Bruce will be in charge while I go for a business trip. His my son so he has the same capabilities and power that I posses in his place” he said as he spat

” boys its time for the initiation” Master Fergus said…

This was my fear
What initiation??

A man brought some irons and placed them into a fire.

” dont worry girls it won’t be painful” master Fergus said with a smirk

” you! Come here ” he man pointed at me.


I stared around wondering who it was ?

” you young lady!” He said again and that was when it hit me

Its me !!

I walked sluggishly towards him as all eyes were on me.

” stretch your hand” he said with a stiff
” stretch your hand young lady” he said again. I looked at master Fergus who kept smoking. I later took my gaze to his son and back to the man in front of me

” I hate to repeat my self” he said as he slapped him and I fell immediately and soon started crying

“Boys get her up” the man said and some boys made me stand up. He took the iron from the fire. It seemed like the iron had a logo on it.

” wait I want to do it”Bruce said

I watched him as he collected the iron.

” this gonna hurt a lot” he whispered

I collected it, I could see how hot it is. He brought it close to me. I was already crying.

” bring out her wrist” he said and the boys brought it out immediately

Before I knew what was happening he placed it on my wrist I yelled my heart out. It was excruciatingly painful.

I opened my weak eyes and looked at my palm and saw that the a logo was printed on my wrist.

” yes did you all see that?that’s the mark which means you are under me, its permanent like how you will stay here permanently ” master said laughing…..

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