Girlfriends Will Takeover Your Houses As Soon As You Go Abroad – Stripper Symba Tells Nigerian wives

Curvy stripper Symba has imparted some interesting realities to Nigerian wives on what happens in their homes when they travel abroad. The Instagram model in a post common on her Insta story uncovered that when Nigerian wives travel abroad side chics assume control over their matrimonial homes. She shared that they live in their homes and carry on with their best lives.

Stripper Symba Tells Nigerian wives.

In another post, Symba pummeled a social media client who said side chics consistently cover up in the latrine when the proprietor of the house returns. She shared that the side chics in every case live before the wives return and mentioned that they acquire dollars for staying and appreciate sexual blessings with their accomplices.

The model a couple of days prior took to the social media stage to share this new indecent photograph of herself posing topless while deliberately covering her areolas. She certainly set the internet ablaze with the uncouth photographs.

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