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7 pm is the time to put your plate down. Its well known that eating late in the night affects a person’s metabolism. ButNow a study has found that it impacts overnight blood pressure and increases risk of heart attack. Setting the dining deadline at 7. The Research which examined more than 700 people, warns against late-night dining and points out possible implication.

  1. Eating late night puts people at danger of heart attacks and stroke.

2. Adults should ideally eat nothing after 7 pm.

3. Early dinner gives the body time to wind down and rest.

4. Dinner within 2 hours of going to bed keeps the body on high alert and the blood pressure doesn’t fall properly at night

4. In a healthy person blood pressure drops by at least 10% when they go to sleep

5. Eating late does more damage to the heart than having a diet high in salt.

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