Check out 7 hot Instagram models who are naturally endowed by heavy chest

Africa is known as one of the landmasses on the planet favored with excellent women with dazzling body shapes. Regularly women with tremendous posteriors, front sizes and hips are supposed to be found in Africa particularly. In this piece, we will introduce you stunning women from Africa who are blessed with gigantic front sizes.


Browncoco is a lovely heartbeat size model from the Gambia that is normally honored with enormous front sizes. She has over 118Kfollowers on her Instagram page and loves to exhibit her enormous front size (Breast) to her fans in recordings and photographs.

Roman Goddess

Roman Goddess is an Instagram star, brand influencer and model brought into the world on eleventh August in Nigeria. Roman is a delightful woman enriched with a weighty chest and has been causing a ton of sensations with her substantial chest. She has 465K supporters on Instagram and the CEO for Roman Liquors Wine.

Ebere Ada

Ebere Ada is an Instagram star prominently known as Ada La Pinky and she is a Nigerian brought into the world on 26th March 1995. Ada La Pinky is a substance maker and an extraordinary media influencer with devotees of over 326K on Instagram.

Millicent Paticia Amoah

Millicent Paticia Amoah is referred to via online media as Queen Paticia, she is a Ghanaian woman with 34K devotees on Instagram. She knows for parading via web-based media with her tremendous front size.


Cosyee is a Nigerian excellent sovereign with gigantic front sizes and has been causing an enormous mix via online media. She has 8,453 devotees on her IG page.

Shapely Gh

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Well proportioned Gh is a pleased Ghanaian Instagram star and influencer who is normally honored with a substantial chest. She is well known with devotees of 112K on her Instagram page.

Kim Mana

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