Secondi Takoradi Mayor increases determination to stop open poo

Ecological Health Officer for Sekondi-Takoradi, Abdul Karim Hudu, has revealed that an aggregate of 805 families have enrolled for the development of a family latrine office since a three-month final proposal was given in April this year.

Sekondi-Takoradi Mayor Abdul Issah Mumin while revealing a sign on open poo, in April this year, given a three-month final offer for families without a latrine office to develop one all alone or register with the Assembly for one or hazard indictment.

The final offer was required by ascend in open poop cases particularly in waterfront networks in the Sekondi-Takoradi city.

The three-month final proposal will end this month and Mr. Karim Hudu tells that the reaction has been empowering.

“Since the final offer, around 805 individuals have come to enroll and more individuals are additionally calling to ask about it. My telephone number is on the open poo banner thus I get calls each day. Out of the 805, the worker for hire has had the option to fix 790 leftover just 15 that are yet to be fixed. These individuals just enrolled. Yet, the project worker will do the needful very soon.”

He communicated the concern that notwithstanding every one of the admonitions, open poop endures.

As indicated by him, around 80 people have been captured for taking part in open poop since January this year.

Mr. Hudu noticed that not even the spot fine of GH¢200 to GH¢300 gives off an impression of being obstruction enough for inhabitants in networks taking part in such practice.

“We have taken a ton of cash from individuals yet at the same time in the event that you circumvent individuals, are as yet open pooing. What we have additionally seen is that the guilty parties have understood that we don’t go on ends of the week. So now, we are activating and very soon we will begin moving around on ends of the week.”

He demanded that the activity ought not be viewed as a badgering yet for general wellbeing to be strengthened.

“We don’t need individuals to fall debilitated or record an episode, when we might have forestalled it. They ought not think that we are badgering individuals yet absolutely a general wellbeing exercise that we are leaving on.”

In any case, he said the Assembly will keep capturing guilty parties.

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