I’ve never believed in myths and fantasies,

But always thought of leaving legacies,

And since I met you everything has changed,

Like my life has been flanged,

Before now, I always walked alone,

But since you walked in, you’ve been my clone.

Ever since the day bound,

I’ve been addicted to your voice’s sound,

And I’ve this feeling we’re in a bus

With nobody but us

And the destination is up to us

I believe we’ll make the right choice.

The road is not straight nor a smooth one,

Its crooked and full of potholes,

But I believe when we get each other, we are whole,

And there are just two possible destinations,

Either make wrong choices and endure,

Or make right choices and enjoy.

It’s left for us to choose; I choose to enjoy

Are you ready to ride with me to enjoy???


In collaboration with Rmmythepoet


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