Some University Graduates are Poor and unemployed due to these mistakes.

University is the highest level of Education one can acquire. Due to this multiple courses are offered in various Universities in Ghana and across the globe. The demands from the job market, makes everyone’s desire to go to University to work in a reputable company or any sector of the economy. But currently, this is no more working as many Graduates are unemployed after completion. These are the mistakes identified :
1. They prioritize they Certificate than their Talents: By nature everybody has Talents, some are identified by individuals, some by peers, by parents, Teachers and what you may also think about. But Certificate which is just a paper is preferred by Graduate to their Talents. This make some Graduate Poor or unemployed.
2. They lack the ability to employ theories learnt in school to solve real life problems. Graduate read course in School which can be used to solve problem and generate income from it.
3. Lack enterpreneural skills . The are willing to work for Government rather than themselves. Try and do something to for your own.

In summary, salary cannot make you rich so just think Outside the Box and do something else.

Thanks for reading. Written by: Sisieve Courage Sitsope.
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