Figure out how to quiet down, you are not by any means the only NPP part – Kennedy Agyapong told

• Kennedy Agyapong has been encouraged to stop from shielding the NPP in all issue

• According to social reporter, Onegod, the MP frees himself up to mishandle in the event that he proceeds excessively enjoy safeguarding the NPP

• He anyway accepts the MP has the ability to President one day and should prefer center around developing his political aspirations

Frank Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has been asked to restrain his guarded obligations of everything the public authority and overseeing New Patriotic Party does.

As per social pundit and so called diviner, Kofi Amoateng (Onegod), the MP’s inclination for talking on each issue identified with the NPP keeps on freeing him up to unjustifiable assaults from all circles including inside the NPP.

“Kennedy Agyapong should zero in on his political profession and his family more and spotlight less on talking on each issue that surfaces. There are a great deal of Ministers and MPs who are likewise profiting with the public authority much more than himself.

“They ought to likewise come out and battle for the President. It doesn’t need to be him consistently protecting the public authority and offending Ghanaian youth. On the off chance that it happens that way, he surrenders himself for the adolescent to manhandle him. I for one get stressed when it happens that way.”

Onegod who says he is pulling for Kennedy Agyapong to become President of Ghana one day, adds that the MP have the nature of administration expected to turn the fortunes of the country and should thusly consider raising his aspirations.

“He is at freedom to discuss each issue yet it isn’t judicious for him to chat on everything. In the event that vital, there are issues he can address the President secretly about it. Yet, don’t come out to be shielding them like your life relies upon it.

“They don’t care for you, Ghanaian legislators; both the NPP and the NDC, about 80% disdain you so in the event that I say don’t talk, I am not saying he should not talk by any means. Be that as it may, he ought not be safeguarding everything like he is the lone individual in the gathering. Individuals will be tired of him that way,” he added.

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