17-year old boy impregnates own sister

A 17-year old senior high school student has impregnated his own sister in a community of the Ashanti Region.

According to the mother of the two teenagers who didn’t disclose her identity, the son is a second year student of a boys school in Kumasi. “I am a very busy woman but I spend time with my kids at the slightest opportunity. It all happened during the Christmas holidays. He relates well with his sister but after sometime I began to see changes in their relationship as siblings.

I then decided to check on them and unfortunately I chanced on my son watching adult romantic content on a laptop bought for him by his dad to assist in his studies. I took away the laptop and advised him to desist from repeating that and told him the consequences of his actions.

After about a week, I managed to get his mobile phone and to my surprise he had a few of them downloaded on to his phone. I punished him with a few slaps and seized the phone because I was very furious.

Two days to the end of the year, my daughter complained of fever and body pains so I took her to the medical facility for healthcare. I saw no improvement in her situation on the first day of 2021 and so I decided to go back to the hospital with her to ascertain the cause of the stubborn fever.

Medical tests were conducted and I was told my 15-year old girl was pregnant. Speechless as I was, I quickly rushed to the house to question her how this happened. After long hours of questioning, she told me the only person who have been sleeping with her is his senior brother.

I broke down in tears and called my son to confirm the claims made by her sister. Without an iota of doubt he confirmed of being complicit and revealed that they had been both watching the adult romantic content together when nobody is in the house and they did that one countless occasions”.

The 43-year old public servant said she is at sea and don’t know what to do because her daughter will be sitting for the BECE this year.

She advised parents and caregivers to monitor and know what their children do with the electrical gadgets that connects to the internet.

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