Stop destroying my “youngster” Kwaku Oteng – Kufour

Past President, John Agyekum Kufuor has required an end in the silly attacks and insults on business head honcho, Dr Kwaku Oteng.

In a gathering with Kofi Adoma on Friday, the person who made the improvement of the private region his point during his eight-year rule said he has never seen why Ghanaians have been affronting a man who has been contributing firmly to the country’s economy.

“We have demolished our private endeavors in the country and that isn’t the magnificent, need a more prominent measure of private people for the country to develop, so we should stop the pointless attacks on private cash supervisors like Dr Kwaku Oteng, enough of the attacks on him,” he said.

The person who uses close to 1,000 people in his business spaces have gone under a surge of attacks actually after claims that the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is seeking after him for fail to settle charges.

This drove the GRA to give a clarification that depicting the cases as fake. Dr Kwaku Oteng was thusly allowed as the best resident in the Ashanti Region by the GRA.

Mr. Samuel Sakyi Baidoo, who heads the GRA in the Ashanti Region while presenting the honor said, “by this honor, we need to help Dr. Kwaku Oteng and different business people to keep on paying their evaluations all together for the public position to recognize more pay to encourage the country.

“We are fulfilled to regard the Angel Group considering the way that through the portion of their concentrate charges and VAT, the Ashanti Area nearly hit our pay centers in the year 2020”

The past President who supported the ‘splendid time of business mantra’ when he oversaw Ghana from 2001 to 2008 said he believes Ghana can best make in case we connect more private monetary experts to associate the public expert in making of occupations.

Additionally, Dr Kwaku Oteng, he referred to is one such individuals that justifies all assistance instead of judgment.

“Kwaku Oteng is my kid, I get staggered when people attack him, what at all has he messed up? He is a talented finance manager [and] we need a more noteworthy measure of him to encourage the country,” he charged.

Past President Kufuor said Kwaku Oteng has reliably winning in business since ‘he by and large uses the best of specialists to execute his tasks… ,” he said.

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