The death of my mum and manager inspired ‘De Seed’ EP – Hecta

Hecta, a Ghanaian hip-hop musician and record producer, has revealed that the death of his mother and manager inspired his upcoming debut EP, “De Seed.”

Hecta lost two significant individuals in his life in two years, yet he never gave up hope. He believes that the seed will germinate no matter how it is buried.

Abraham Fiza, his previous manager who also served as his Personal Assistant, died a few years ago.

His mother also passed away shortly after he died. That’s not all, though.

Two years later, he also lost his father and sister.

His career was nearly destroyed by tragedy, but he took a break, reorganized himself, and returned to the studio to record his debut EP.

“I took some time off after being affected severely by the storm,” Hecta said in the “De Seed” documentary, “to reorganize myself personally and musically following his [Abraham Fiza] demise.”“

I heard this encouraging message about how the seed (De Seed) is a sign of optimism and growth, and it perfectly fits my narrative, so I chose to name my EP after it,” he stated.

Hecta said, “The message behind ‘De Seed’ was my lifeline in music, giving me the hope to fight back for what I loved and believed in.”

In the documentary, he also discussed the EP’s track count, how long it took him to record it, his largest collaboration with Edem, and more.

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