Accra: Ga Mashie Traditional Council Lifts Ban On Noisemaking

Accra: Ga Mashie Traditional Council Lifts Ban On Noisemaking
Gbese Mantse lifts ban on noisemaking
The Gbese Mantse Nii Ayi-Bonte II has beaten the Odadao twin drums to signify the lifting of the month-long ban on drumming and noise-making in Ga Mashie and areas under its jurisdiction.

The Gbese Mantse beat the Odadao drums three times today at Gbese Blohum, Accra to lift the ban. This brief act was greeted with the firing of musketry, drumming by the Tesaa Cultural Troupe and cheers by some indigenes.

The traditional ritual which heralds and ushers in the annual Homowo festival, by people of Ga Mashie was witnessed by royalty, indigenes and tourists at the forecourt of the Gbese Mantse Palace at Gbese Blohum in Accra.

The lifting of the ban means that people living in towns and villages under Gbese, Otublohum, Sempe, Akamajen, Asere, Abola and Ngleshie Alata can now use musical instruments, clap and play loud music during their social and religious activities.

According to the spokesperson of the Gbese Mantse Palace Nii Annan Agbo, the ritual also serves as a signal that the annual Homowo festival was imminent.

He said the ban was to allow the traditional priests to meditate and pray for a bumper harvest prior to the Homowo festival.

The festival which means “hooting at hunger” has its origins in the migration and settlement of Ga’s in their present location when they experienced drought and famine.

After overcoming those challenges they marked the festival to commemorate their defeat over hunger.

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