Four (4) Indicators That Your Guy Is Pretending To Love You

Nothing hurts more than being in a relationship with a man you adore and trust, but who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

It’s a difficult and regretful situation.The one that hurts the most is when you’re in a committed

relationship with a person who claims to love you but doesn’t even remember your records.

Because they loved and gave their hearts to some of these guys, many women have been pushed into a corner.

How can a woman tell whether the man she adores is a phony?

1. He is unavailable when she requires his assistance.One way a woman can tell if her partner is merely faking is whether he is available when she needs him.

A guy like this is acting as though he doesn’t care about his wife and hence doesn’t see the point in keeping their meeting time in mind.

Even if he has planned a meeting or an event with her woman, a small invitation from a friend or just a playmate will cause him to change his mind.

He will simply cancel it, oblivious to his fiancee’s feelings.

2. He is only interested in his own desires.When a man is a pretender,

all he cares about is what he can get out of his woman. If it has anything to do with the woman, he is unconcerned.

When you see a man like this hurrying through challenges in a relationship,

it’s because it’s in his best interests. He will not even attempt to talk to his woman if this is not the case.

3. He keeps their relationship a closely guarded secret.

Any man who claims to love a woman will want to keep her hidden from others.

He will warn the lady with seductive words about the importance of keeping their relationship hidden from the broader public, including their families.

4. He will not discuss his future plans with his woman.

To a woman, knowing that her partner is pretending to love her means that he will never talk about the future with her.

He refuses to give in whenever she tries to collaborate on a project or talk about the future with him.

He’ll do everything he can to keep his woman from doing anything that has to do with the future with him.

So, if a woman dating a male notices some of these indicators,

it’s likely that he’s merely passing through your relationship.

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