Another Scary Prophecy By A Popular Ghanaian Prophet

Apostle Owusu Bright, a self-proclaimed Prophet of God based in Ghana, has revealed a terrifying prophecy that he said in an audio is what God has ordered him to tell the public.

The prophet of God revealed in the audio that many people will perish, particularly children aged one month to thirteen years.

He also mentioned that, many wives will lose their husbands due to automobile accidents.

He told the audience that the only answer God revealed to him through revelation was for everyone to join hands and fast on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Psalms 83:1 is the quotation that was given to the prophet in the revelation, and anyone who wishes to fast should read the following quotation as a reference when praying.

“During the fasting, don’t go outside; instead, stay in your room,” he said.

Finally, Jesus issues a harsh warning to those women who use their period to feed males, warning them to be very careful what they do because God is very furious with them.

Long press on the link below to listen to the audio

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