Scenes that make Kumasi, Ghana stand out in Africa

They say, “The bigger the better”, this is true on so many occasions but not in all instances. Ghana, as a very small country in West Africa, will disagree with that fact. As small as this country may be, Ghana holds some of the greatest sceneries, cultures, and everything worth your vacation.

There are so many regions in Ghana, each with different people, cultures, languages and so many traditions. The one town worth visiting that may make you stay longer than you intend to is, Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

The Ashanti region of Ghana has so many beautiful and amazing places you can visit and one of them is, Kumasi. Some sites you should think of seeing in Kumasi include the following;

Lake Bosumtwi

Lake Bosumtwi

The first site you should totally visit is, Lake Bosumtwi. Some facts you should know about this lake will amaze you.This lake is Ghana’s only natural lake.

The Lake has beautiful natural green surroundings with villages around too. Another fun fact according to Ashanti’s beliefs is that the spirits of dead people used to come to the lake to say their farewells to a god called Twi.

Manhyia Palace

Manhyia Palace

The next place to see is, Manhyia Palace. The British Colonial masters built this palace around 1925 for an Ashanti king called Prempeh I. Today, the chief of the whole of Ashanti region called, Asantehene, houses the palace.

The palace contains royal memorabilia, even the Ashanti’s first television and so many wax statues of chiefs and their queens in Ashanti.

Kejetia Market

Kejetia Market

Next is the biggest market place in the Ashanti region, the Kejetia market, also the largest open-air market in Western Africa. It is almost always a hustle among traders in the Kejetia market.

Traveling with a guide at this place is preferable over traveling alone since it is a very busy place. This place is a source of trading so many things ranging from foods to clothes and even home appliances.

Kumasi Fort and Military Museum

Kumasi Fort Museum

Also, we have an amazing place of history, the Kumasi Fort and Military Museum. This small place may not seem like much on the outside, but on the inside, it holds almost half of Ghana’s history.

 An Ashanti King, Osei Tutu Kwamina, built the Kumasi Fort, as a mirror replica of the forts the European traders built in Africa. The British laid waste to the fort but the fort was rebuilt. But then, at the time of the second world war, the British took over and transformed the fort into a museum.

Now, the fort holds so many collections of previous wars fought, weapons, trophies, pictures and artifacts too, even statues. One of the statues being, Nana Yaa Asantewaah, a queen of the ancient Ashanti empire who fought the British to get her husband back, talk of feminine power.

Foods to Try Out in Kumasi

Local food

Now for food, the Ashanti region holds some of the most delicious and nutrients-filled food you can eat.Their restaurants sell all kinds of foods, intercontinental and local.

Foods like Fufu with palm nut soup, Banku with ground pepper and some fish, Ampesi with Kontomire stew and so many more. All shown below consecutively;

Local foods

Clothing the Ashanti Way

People in Kente

For clothes, you could look like an Ashanti royal in less than 30 minutes. They have clothes that are not exactly what the royals wear, but are very close to it.

The Ashantis use clothes made out of Kente during so many different occasions. Some include weddings, naming ceremonies and during festivals.

Kente, is one cloth the Ashantis treasure and there are so many ways to use the Kente materials. Some use the materials for making bags, others for clothes, for hats and so many more ways.

To sum it all up, these above are only a few amazing places that are worth seeing in Kumasi, there are so many others too you should see on your trip to Ghana.

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