12-year-old kid killed at sanctuary, 3 captured

While three individuals have been captured, others are on the run for killing a 12-year-old kid

Three individuals have been captured regarding the abhorrent homicide of a 12-year-old kid at a place of worship at Ndogokope, close to Tadzewu, in the Volta Region.

Cornelius EboeNegble was said to have been grabbed from his old neighborhood at Nornyikpo, close to Ziope, during a memorial service on May 20, and taken to the altar, where he was butchered for lucrative ceremonies.

The police have kept the beheaded body and cut off head at the Police Hospital in Accra for protection and post-mortem.

The Kpetoe District Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)BenedictaAnsah, revealed these to the Ghanaian Times, at Kpetoe, on Monday.

He said the suspects; Senanu Ashitor Atsikpo, 28; Kudzo Akpatsu, 49, and Etse Louis, 25 are in police care at Kpetoe.

The fixation minister, Hunor Kofi Koko, and his sibling, Anani Koko, and three others, Kwami Kakpetor, William Kakpetor and another man whose name was just given as Moris are being pursued by the police for the different jobs in the homicide.

As per DSP Ansah, the disappointment of the kid to get back after the burial service stimulated the doubt of his grandma, other relatives just as occupants of the local area.

The Commander said the inhabitants presumed that Atsikpo assumed a part in the baffling vanishing of the kid, and hauled him (suspect) to the royal residence of the boss, Togbi Dzisah IV, who requested individuals to hand the suspect over to the police at Ziope.

In his assertion at the police headquarters, Atsikpo referenced the interest cleric and his sibling, Anani and Moris as the individuals who planned the executing.

In view of that, the police quickly moved to the sanctuary at Ndogokope however didn’t meet interest cleric.

Nonetheless, the police discovered a sack containing the deteriorated and parasite invaded body of the kid and furthermore the head in a dim room at the sanctuary.

The head was subsequently recognized as that of the kid by a relative.

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