‘Rasta’ Student Speaks After Court Victory

One of the ‘Rasta’ Students who won the body of evidence against Achimota School, Tyrone Marhguy has said he is set up to deal with the conceivable shame in school after the court has requested the Achimota school to concede them.

He told writers the court’s choice was essential for “an extraordinary story.”

“The first occasion when I strolled through the entryway of Achimota, the primary thing I did was to check the time [I arrived] because I knew one day I would be recounting a story with it.

“I had no clue I would be revealing to one incredible story in the court about how I was separated [against] and how I am back.”

He added, “I will realize how to deal with [possible stigma], and to fix things up when [the stigmatization] begins.”

The understudies were denied entrance into Achimota school until they remove their dreadlocks.

Following this, they recorded a suit against the school.

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