Trending: Captain Smart intends to destroy Dr Kwaku Oteng -Kevin Taylor

The CEO of Loud Silence Media Kevin Taylor has taken a swipe at radio host Godsbrain Smart popularly known as Captain Smart for attacking his former boss.

Kevin Taylor, who has been very vocal on issues about national interest, described Captain Smart as ungrateful and a hypocrite.

According to the US-based broadcaster,  Dr Leaky Oteng warned Captain Smart about three times concerning his attitude but he failed to listen.

He further stated that Captain Smart is making negative comments about Dr Kwaku Oteng out of bitterness and anger.

“Captain Smart, shut up and sit down. When we are talking about ungrateful hypocritical people, you are one of them. All these years, you never saw that some radio and tv stations were not paying taxes?

You have no credibility. When you started misbehaving at Angel, Dr Kwaku Oteng called about three times to advise you that he is building an empire so try to make sure that you keep it clean. You cannot do anything to destroy Kwaku Oteng”, Kevin Taylor added.

Kevin Taylor also revealed that some officials from the Food and Drugs Authority are trying to destroy Dr Kwaku Oteng because he is getting too powerful.

“There are some people at Food and Drugs Authority who are going after him and people in government because they think that he is getting too powerful”, Kevin exposed.

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