How to Improve Your Social Skills And Attract People To You.

Top habits you need to improve your social skills

1. Small talks: Try to start a little conversation or open up to make it easier for others to communicate with you.

2. Smile: smile at people you come across, to send a signal of your openness for a conversation

3. Involve others:  engage people and drag them into conversations

4. Go out to places you meet the same people all over the time, this will increase the chance of sparking a conversation with some people and further boost your social confidence.

5. Often Hang out with persons you are comfortable with more.

6. Say “Hi” to a new person every single day to boost your social confidence and make new friends everyday.

7. Always look good when you step out. This increases your chances of being socially successful.

8.  Do not be extra social. Thus the extreme opposite version of being quiet. Everything must be in moderation.

9. Repeat this habit to optimize the results of an improved social skill.

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