Angry Gomoa Chiefs Tells Government To Demolish Liberia Camp

The traditional chiefs of Kasoa and its surrounds do not appear pleased with the recent endless criminal activities that have been documented in the region.

Numerous have attributed the ongoing criminal cases in that portion of the region on the presence of the refugee camp, which has been a hotspot for many criminals for some time.

As a result, several enraged Chiefs from Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region are urging the government to demolish Budumburam, commonly known as Liberia Camp, as soon as possible to assist minimize criminal activity in the region.

According to a story published by StarrNews, the Chief of Gomoa Fetteh Nana Abor Atta stressed the need of the government demolishing the Liberia Camp in order to build schools, a market, and a community center.

The chief went on to say that multiple petitions to the president had been filed to dismantle the camp, but that nothing has been done thus far.

Nana Abor Attah stated that razing the camp, which has become a haven for many hardened criminals, will go a long way toward driving them out and restoring peace and security to Kasoa and its surrounds.

The Ghanaian government constructed the Buduburam refugee camp when the Liberian civil war began in 1989.

The Ghanaian government constructed the Buduburam refugee camp in 1990 to provide sanctuary to Liberians who had been displaced by the Liberian Civil War in 1989.

After an agreement was made in 2003, the UNHCR regularly advocated the repatriation of refugees to Liberia, but most Liberians were hesitant to return owing to the country’s political and economic situation.

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