Don’t Catch Feeling Over The Phone, Bro. Check Why

Long-distance intimacy is relatively simple to do in this day and age, with so much technology and so many chat applications. As a consequence, it’s never been easier to capture emotions. Symptoms don’t necessarily pop up right away, because by the time you know it, you’re still in a bad situation. Women are more physically self-aware than men by a factor of many. So, here’s what you shouldn’t do, gentlemen.

Texting can be a lot of fun. With a like-minded fellow, exchanging wit, flattery, and memes can be a lot of fun. If you text someone every day, a level of trust develops, and there’s a strong possibility you’ll develop feelings for them. No yawa if she thinks the same way about you.

But, whether it’s one-sided, and she’s only texting for fun, see who’s alone in the corner with emotions. It’s fine to just text as long as you know what it means in the light of the relationship. Ask the person out if you’re getting along well over email. It’s the best way to know where you are without being misunderstood if you’re direct and shoot your shot.

Women can sense when a man is being attached, even though he isn’t aware of it. There will be signals that she is being dissatisfied with the treatment you are offering her. Don’t dismiss them. When you make a move at her, she makes jokes or deflects, she’s really not involved. And don’t take that as a sign that you can work harder all of the time. She can leave you on ‘read’ for hours at a time or constantly ignore your calls in serious cases. If she doesn’t completely disappear, that means she loves talking to you, so she just wants you to calm down.

You need not be stalking her online. Something is incorrect if you are obsessively checking her social networking messages on any app. If you read her updates when you aren’t engaging with her, you’re putting yourself in the role of exaggerating her importance in your life. That isn’t good for you.

Don’t get carried away with e-flirting. When you’re alone in a virtual environment with others, there’s a certain lack of responsibility and impact. You can both say things that don’t have a lot of significance. If you flirt with her and she flirts back, it’s not exactly a sign of her feelings. It’s possible that it won’t amount to anything outside of that virtual realm. If you think you’ve had all the vibes, leave the immersive room and see how the chemistry holds up in the real world.

I believe we’ve all had feelings for a girl at some point in our lives. In my situation, I chose to overlook the obvious in order to pursue the individual I desired. These very simple points need to be pointed out to you from time to time. Don’t want to trap emotions because you don’t have any face-to-face time with anyone.

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