Breaking!! See What A Ghanaian Pastor Telling Teshie And Nungua…

The Twin City Teshie And Nungua Are Evil Town By A Ghanain Pastor

A pastor named Pastor Prince Adu Asare was preaching and this is what he said in his preaching in No 1 FM.

This Pastor said In Accra here there are two main township that are evil and when ever someone is passing or going to these towns or even passing by in this towns should recite Psalm 23, because those two towns are evil.

He added saying they are the towns that sell sickness and bad spirit. This has brought to the notice of the Teshie-Nungua traditional COUNCIL that this Pastor has yo be punish for saying that to this twin towns. This Pastor will not go free but they will punish him not to do this again.

The traditional COUNCIL for this two towns has brought a full list of items to the Pastor to buy in replace of what he said.

This items includes;

  1. White cows -7
  2. Sheep -7
  3. Goat-7
  4. White fowls -7
  5. Knives -7
  6. White Calico -7 full pieces
  7. Black Calico -7 full pieces
  8. Ref Calico -7 full pieces
  9. Blue Calico – 7 full pieces
  10. Schnapps – 7 boxes
  11. Castle Bridge -7 boxes
  12. Cloth (Holland) – 7 pieces
  13. Aligidon – 7 pieces
  14. White eggs – 7
  15. Red eggs – 7
  16. Ghc 100.000

These are the items the Pastor is to buy and pay to the traditional rulers for the comment he gave when on air at No 1 FM.

Source: Adomfmgh

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