How To Reverse Airtime On MTN.

Good day friend. Many people make mistake in buying airtime from their Mobile Money wallet, they sometimes enter amount that exceed the amount of airtime they need. And after purchasing it, they don’t know how to reverse it back and the only option is to use it meanwhile that was not your intention.

So am going to show you how to reverse airtime bought from your Mobile Money wallet in case it happens to you. So here are the steps:

  1. Dial *170# one you phone as usual
  2. From the menu, select option 6 (Wallet)
  3. From the next menu, select option 7
  4. The transaction amount will pop-up and you enter 1 to confirm the amount
  5. Then lastly, you enter 1 again on the next pop up menu to confirm the reversal.

NOTE that the minimum amount you can reverse is GH10.

Thank you

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