How to make your phone look awesome

There are many settings on your android phone which you definately will like to make use of because they provide awesome features that every android lover will like to use. Here are few but crazy adroid settings you will definately want to set your hands on

Search Engine settings on android device:

This android setting is particularly important if you don’t like sites you visit to be sending you annoying ads when you are surfing the net. To enable this, simply open your chrome browser and tap on the 3 dots to the upper right corner of your phone screen. Then you look through the menu and tap on settings, and then search engine settings. You will see an option saying “change search engine” you tab on it and change the search engine to duckduckgo or what ever search engine you want. I personally prefer duckduckgo

Notification Snooze settings on android device:

Sometimes you may receive some notification from your android system but you want to delay for a particlular period of time either than setting again for that time. All you need is;

  1. Just slide the notification slide a bit,
  2. You sshould see settings button and another button which looks like a clock,
  3. Press on the alarm button and you will see an instruction “snooze for 1hr, etc
  4. Then you select your option, whether you want to snooze for 30mins or what ever time you wish to snooze it for.
  5. That is all you need to snooze notification on your android device

Google Lite mode settings on android device:

Sometimes you find yourself in places where the network connection is not all that great and you need to check something on the net with you android device, all you need is open your you chrome browser on your android device and tap and the 3 dots to the upper right corner of your android device, then select settings and select light mode. It will make your pages load faster. But disadvantage about it is that not all the content wil be shown untill you exit the light mode settings. And disabling the lite mode settings on you android device is pretty simple, at the search bar you should see an instruction saying you are in lite mode with a close button which looks like an ‘x’, tab on it to close

Google Image search on android device:

Google has a feature call image search enable you to search for image for information about an image if you don’t already what the image entails from your android device. To do that, just google and there, you will see a camera button on your browser at the top of your android device. Tap on it you will be ask to take a picture or upload a picture, so you now choose the option you want whether to upload or take a picture. After that you press search to search. Or you can also use the google lens to take picutres of words you don’t understand or cannot pronounce and it will help you in pronouncing and translating them.

These are but a few settings you may need in some situations especially the search engine settings and the notification snooze

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